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Seminar Schedule

Journal Clubs and Seminar Schedule 2014-2015

Time - Thursday 11:00 AM

Location - 204-A Brain and Aging Research Building

Seminar and Journal Clubs Schedule
Sep 4 Journal Club: Three-dimensional structure of human γ-secretase - Dr. kerry Ko; Aβ induces its own prion protein N-terminal fragment (PrPN1)-mediated neutralization in amorphous aggregates - Patricia Leighton
Sep 11 Guest Speaker (MITACS): Connecting universities with industry and community partners - Dr. Eric Loo
Sep18 Research Presentation: Examining the role of zebrafish PrP2 in healthy neuronal function - Daryn Watson; Investigating Cardiac Accumulation of PrPsc Jeffrey Narayan
Sep 25 Journal Club: Conformational targeting of intracellular Aβ oligomers demonstrates their pathological oligomerization inside the endoplasmic reticulum - Robert Mercer; APP/PS1 mice overexpressing SREBP-2 exhibit combined Aβ accumulation and tau pathology underlying Alzheimer's disease - Anna Verena Sasse
Oct 2 CPPFD PI talk (Opening): Research in the prion centre and the Westaway lab - Dr. David Westaway
Oct 9 Research Presentation: Alzheimer's and Prion "A tale of two diseases" - Ghazaleh Eskandari-Sedighi; Cell tropism and cell death: a role for necroptosis? - Grant Norman
Oct 16 CPPFD PI talk: Helmholtz-Alberta Initiative in Neurodegenerative Disease Research - Dr. Judd Aiken
Oct 23 Cancelled: Campus Alberta Neurosci
Oct 30 Research Presentation: Effect of cholesterol accumulation on the metabolism of Amyloid Precursor Protein in cultured N2a cells: Potential relevance to Alzheimer’s Disease pathology - Jiyun Chung; Influence of Human Aβ on APP processing and how the humanization of rat Aβ can alter peptide fibrillization and toxicity - Victor Foroutanpay
Nov 6 Research Presentation: Modulation of Ab (1-42) aggregation and toxicity by amino acid substitution - Dr. Jitendra Kumar
Nov 13 Research Presentation: When wildtype is not wildtype … - Dr. Nathalie Daude
Nov 20 Journal Club: Quinacrine promotes replication and conformational mutation of chronic wasting disease prions - Dr. Jacques van der Merwe; Uptake and Degradation of Protease-Sensitive and -Resistant Forms of Abnormal Human Prion Protein Aggregates by Human Astrocytes - Anthony Ness
Nov 27 SfN debrief - Dr. Satya Kar, Dr. Ted Allson, and staff
Dec 4 Guest Speaker (U of Florida): Aβ and compromised mouse cognitive function across multiple behavioral domains - Dr. Chris Janus
Dec 11 Research Presentation: Zebrafish to reveal interplay between Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) and Prion Protein (PrP) in Alzheimer disease and Prion Diseases - Patricia Leighton; Journal Club: A three-dimensional human neural cell culture model of Alzheimer's disease - Ghazaleh Eskandari
Dec 18 Guest Speaker (NINT): Testing of HuPrP90-231 and MoPrP89-226 stability with and without GLGGYVLG insert using molecular dynamics simulations and essential collective dynamics analysis - Dr. Lyudmyla Dorosh
Jan 8 Journal Club: Rational stabilization of helix 2 of the prion protein prevents its misfolding and oligomerization - Dr. Leonardo Cortez; The Role of the NADPH Oxidase NOX2 in Prion Pathogenesis - Jeffrey Narayan
Jan 15 Research Presentation: Role of skeletal muscle fibers with mitochondrial enzyme abnormalities in sarcopenia - Nashwa Cheema; A Novel Insertion Mutation in Prnp Causes Gerstmann-Sträussler-Scheinker Disease - Robert Mercer
Jan 22 Research Presentation: Innate Immunity in Prion Infection - Dr. Sanggyun Kang
Jan 29 Journal Club:Sleep drives metabolite clearance from the adult brain - Dr. Ester Vázquez-Fernández; Therapeutic molecules and endogenous ligands regulate the interaction between brain cellular prion protein (PrPC) and metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 (mGluR5) - Daryn Watson
Feb 5 CPPFD PI talk: What You Always Wanted to Know About the PTA-precipitation of PrPSc* (*But Were Afraid to Ask) - Dr. Holger Wille
Feb 12 Research Presentation: Deer prion protein polymorphisms influence the adaptation and emergence of CWD strains - Camilo Duque
Feb 19 Research Presentation: 50 shades of grey: A tale of PrPSc, antibodies and dot blotting - Dr. Suey van Baarle
Feb 26 Guest Speaker (USDA, Agricultural Research Service): Detecting prions and discriminating among prion strains by discerning the differences in absence - Dr. Christopher J. Silva
Mar 5 Research Presentation: Towards a prion source for structural investigations … More details on MYOTUBE CULTURES - Dr. Maria Garza Garcia
Mar 12 Research Presentation: Biomarkers of Prion Disease - Dr. Allen Herbst
Mar 19 Journal Club: Age-dependent disruption in hippocampal θ oscillation in amyloid-β overproducing transgenic mice - Dimitar Ourdev
Mar 26 CPPFD PI talk: Neurodegenerative disease: to screen or not to screen - Dr. Valerie Sim
Apr 2 Research Presentation: The role of amyloid-beta peptides in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy - Dimitar Ourdev; Insulin-like growth factor-II receptor in Alzheimer’s disease pathology - Yanlin Wang
Apr 9 AD/PD 2015 Conference debrief - Dr. David Westaway, Dr. Nathalie Daude and Yanlin Wang
Apr 16 Research Presentation: The effect of cholesterol accumulation on the metabolism of APP in cultured N2a cells - Jiyun Chung
Apr 23 Research Presentation: Structure of the GPI-anchorless Prion Fibers - Dr. Ester Vazquez Fernandez
Apr 30 Journal Club: Intramuscular injection of α-synuclein induces CNS α-synuclein pathology and a rapid-onset motor phenotype in transgenic mice - Camilo Duque
May 7 Research Presentation: Pre-clinical Biomarkers of Prion Infection - Danielle.Gushue, Acetylcholinesterase Involvement in Prion Replication - Anthony Ness
May 14 CPPFD PI talk: Zebrafish models of photoreceptor regeneration - Dr. Ted Allison
May 21 Research Presentation: Validating Antibodies and Testing CWD in the SSCA - Dr. Jacques van-der-Merwe
May 28 Prion 2015 Conference
Jun 4 Research Presentation: Interspecies transmission of CWD - Elizabeth Triscott; Elucidating the structure of infectious human prions - Claudia Acevedo-Morantes
Jun 11 Prion 2015 Conference Highlights I: - Centre staff
Jun 18 Prion 2015 Conference Highlights II: - Centre staff
Jun 25 Research Presentation: Measuring Protein Interactions by SPR - Dr. Leonardo Cortez
Aug 7 Guest Speaker (University of Western Ontario): Role of Parkin in Early-Onset Parkinson's Disease - Dr. Gary Shaw


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