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Seminar Schedule

Journal Clubs and Seminar Schedule 2013-2014

Time - Thursday 11:00 AM

Location - 204-A Brain and Aging Research Building

Seminar and Journal Clubs Schedule
Sep 5 Annual opening address: Research in the Prion Centre 2013/14 - Dr. David westaway
Sep 12 Journal Club: Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 5 Is a Coreceptor for Alzheimer Aβ Oligomer Bound to Cellular Prion Protein - Robert Mercer; Characterization of Conformation-Dependent Prion Protein Epitopes - Dr. Kerry Ko
Sep19 Research Presentation: PrPC and Shadoo Down-Regulation in Prion Diseases - Dr. Charlie Mays
Sep 26 Campus Alberta Neuroscience Conference (Calgary)
Oct 3 Research Presentation: Rodent Adapted Scrapie: Transcriptional and Proteomic Studies - Dr. Allen Herbst
Oct 10 CPPFD PI talk: Defining CWD strains- Dr. Debbie McKenzie
Oct 17 Journal Club: Protective role of MyD88-independent innate immune responses against prion infection - Dr. Sanggyun Kang; Notch Signaling Activation Promotes Seizure Activity in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Dimitar Ourdev
Oct 24 Research Presentation: Biological properties of Shadoo and PrPC - Dr. Nathalie Daude
Oct 31 Journal Club: Symptomatic Treatment of Prion Disease - Unfolding Approaches - Dr. Allen Herbst, Dr. Charlie Mays
Nov 7 Guest Speaker (APRI Young Investigator): Generating a prion with bacterially expressed recombinant prion protein - Dr. Fei Wang
Nov 14 Guest Speaker: Military traumatic brain injury-induced neurodegeneration - Dr. Ibolja Cernak
Nov 21 Guest Speaker: Abeta aggregates and mouse cognitive function - Dr. Chris Janus
Nov 28 Journal Club: The toxicity of antiprion antibodies is mediated by the flexible tail of the prion protein - Dr. Suey van Baarle; Amyloid-β nanotubes are associated with prion protein-dependent synaptotoxicity - Ghazaleh Eskandari-Sedighi
Dec 5 Research Presentation: The influence of strategic D-amino acid substitution on amyloid beta aggregation - Dr. Jitendra Kumar
Dec 12 Research Presentation: Roles of the IGF-II receptor and lysosomal enzymes in Alzheimer’s disease pathology - Yanlin Wang; Zebrafish to reveal interplay between Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) and Prion protein (PrP) in Alzheimer disease - Pathicia Leighton
Dec 19 SfN debrief: - Dr. Satya Kar, Yanlin Wang
Jan 9 Research Presentation: Cellular death markers in aged skeletal muscle fibers - Nashwa Cheema
Jan 16 Research Presentation:Immune-Activation of CGN/CAS Suppress Prion Replication (In Primary Culture) - Dr. Sanggyun Kang
Jan 23 Journal Club: PrP mRNA and protein expression in brain and PrP(c) in CSF in Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease MM1 and VV2 - Danielle Gushue; Probing the N-Terminal β-Sheet Conversion in the Crystal Structure of the Human Prion Protein Bound to a Nanobody - Dr. Jitendra Kumar
Jan 30 Guest Speaker: Antisense Oligonucleotide as an Emerging Therapy for Neuromuscular Disease - Dr. Toshifumi Yokota
Feb 6 Research Presentation: Deer Prion Protein Allotypes Modulate the Transmissibility of Chronic Wasting Disease Prions - Juan Duque Velasquez
Feb 13 Research Presentation: Seeing Dots: Investigating the structure of PrPSc using an antibody screen - Dr. Suey van Baarle
Feb 20 Research Presentation: Characterizing the structure of GPI-anchorless PrPSc by cryo-electron microscopy - Dr. Ester Vázquez-Fernández
Feb 27 Journal Club: Neuronal activity regulates extracellular tau in vivo - Yanlin Wang; De novo prion aggregates trigger autophagy in skeletal muscle - Dr. Maria Garza-Garcia
Mar 6 Research Presentation: Increased levels and activity of cathepsin B and D in kainate acid induced toxicity - Anna Verena Sasse
Mar 13 CPPFD PI talk: Applications of the prion organotypic slice culture assay: ongoing projects - Dr. Valerie Sim
Mar 20 CPPFD PI talk: A hybrid approach towards the structure of the infectious prion protein - Dr. Holger Wille
Mar 27 Guest Speaker: Signal Transduction Mechanisms of Membrane Receptors revealed by Single Molecule Analysis - Dr. Nicolas Touret
Apr 3 Research Presentation: Identification of Ante-mortem Prion Disease Biomarkers - Danielle Gushue; Role of Amyloid-β peptides in Kainic Acid-Induced Toxicity and Its Implications in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy - Dimitar Ourdev
Apr 10 Journal Club: Rejuvenation of the muscle stem cell population restores strength to injured aged muscles - Nashwa Cheema; Adaptor complex AP2/PICALM, through interaction with LC3, targets Alzheimer's APP-CTF for terminal degradation via autophagy - Victor Foroutanpay
Apr 17 Research Presentation: Standard Scrapie Cell Assay Applications at the CPPFD - Dr. Jacques van der Merwe
Apr 24 Research Presentation: Myotubes cultures as a prion source for structural  investigations: In the process to establish a PrPSc purification protocol... - Dr. Maria Garza-Garcia
May 1 Guest Speaker: Prion infection: from cell biology to therapeutic approaches - Dr. Sabine Gilch
May 8 Research Presentation: Elucidating the structure of infectious prions - Claudia Acevedo-Morantes, Gerstmann–Sträussler–Scheinker Disease: A novel mutation - Robert Mercer
May 15 CPPFD PI talk: Zebrafish genetics to link (seemingly) disparate neurologies: Alzheimer & Prion Disease, Blindness & ALS - Dr. Ted Allison
May 22 CPPFD PI talk: Cholesterol Sequestration and APP Metabolism: relevance to Alzheimer Disease-related Pathologies - Dr. Satyabrata Kar
May 29 No seminar due to Prion 2014 conference
Jun 5 Research Presentation: Are Bile Acids neuroprotective in Prion disease? - Dr. Leonardo Cortez
Jun 12 Guest Speaker: Serotonergic Signaling Pathways that Suppress Amyloid Beta in Mouse Models of Alzheimer's Disease - Dr. John Fisher
Jun 19 Prion 2014 Conference Highlights I: - Centre staff
Jun 26 Prion 2014 Conference Highlights II: - Centre staff


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