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Seminar Schedule

Journal Clubs and Seminar Schedule 2012-2013

Time - Thursday 11:00 AM

Location - 204-A Brain and Aging Research Building

Seminar and Journal Clubs Schedule
Sep 13 Visit from Agriculture and Agri-food Canada
Sep 20 Annual opening address: Research in the Prion Centre 2012/13 - Dr. David westaway
Sep27 Research Presentation: Biophysical Approaches to Protein Misfolding Diseases - Dr. Jitendra Kumar
Oct 4 Journal Club: JNK3 Perpetuates Metabolic Stress Induced by Abeta Peptides - Robert Mercer
Oct 11 Journal Club: The Amyloid Precursor Protein has a Flexible Transmembrane Domain and Binds Cholesterol - Dr. Kerry Ko
Oct 18 Research Presentation: Sprn0/0 mice.... more than zeroes - Dr. Nathalie Daude
Oct 25 Research Presentation: Cholesterol and Alzheimer's Disease-Related Pathology - Mahua Maulik
Nov 1 Guest Speaker: Conversion from native to non-native structures in PrP monomers and dimers observed at the single-molecule level - Dr. Michael Woodside
Nov 8 Guest Speaker: Abeta and cholesterol; beyond APP cleavage - Dr. Elena Posse de Chaves
Nov 15 Guest Speaker: Chaperones and oxidoreductases determine mitochondria metabolism at the mitochondria-associated membrane (MAM) - Dr. Thomas Simmen
Nov 22 Society for Neuroscience debriefing and research highlights - Dr. Satyabrata Kar
Nov 29 Research Presentation: PrP Octarepeat Mutations: Effects on Endoproteolysis and Prion Infection - Dr. Agnes Lau
Dec 6 CPPFD PI talk: Prion replication in a cell-culture model - Dr. Judd Aiken
Dec 13 Journal Club: Prion-like behaviour and tau-dependent cytotoxicity of pyroglutamylated amyloid-b - Yanlin Wang
Dec 20 Pre-holiday Treat: GE Healthcare Life Sciences Intro - Scenes from Alberta Wilderness Slideshow - Ken Elder (GE Healthcare)
Jan 10 Guest Speaker: Etiological models for the sporadic form of Alzheimer's disease - Dr. Robert McDonald
Jan 17 Journal Club: Prion pathogenesis is faithfully reproduced in cerebellar organotypic slice cultures - Dr. Leonardo Cortez
Jan 24 Research Presentation: ykl100c - no longer a hypothetical protein - Dr. Kerry Ko
Jan 31 Research Presentation: Using zebrafish to study the interplay between Prion Protein (PrP) and Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) - Patricia Leighton; Apoptosis and necrosis mediate fiber loss in sarcopenia - Nashwa Cheema
Feb 7 Research Presentation: Prion Proteostasis - Dr. Charlie Mays
Feb 14 CPPFD PI talk: The structure of the infectious prion - a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma - Dr. Holger Wille
Feb 21 Journal Club: MicroRNA 146a (miR-146a) Is Over-Expressed during Prion Disease and Modulates the Innate Immune Response and the Microglial Activation State - Brian Tancowny
Feb 28 Research Presentation: Potential role of insulin-like growth factor-II receptor in amyloid precursor protein processing - Yanlin Wang; Influence of PRNP variants in the stability of chronic wasting disease isolates - Camilo Duque Velasquez
Mar 7 Guest Speaker: Early predictive models of prion disease: insights from NMR spectroscopy of mouse urine - Dr. J P Glaves
Mar 14 CPPFD PI talk: Playing with Prion Polymorphisms - Dr. Valerie Sim
Mar 21 Meeting Highlights: AD/PD meeting debrief - Dr. David Westaway, Dr. Charlie Mays
Mar 28 Research Presentation: Probing the prion protein interactome: the nature and repercussions of an interaction with DPP6 - Robert Mercer, The crystal structure of the an octapeptide repeat in complex with an antibody fragment - Mridula Swayampakula
Apr 4 Research Presentation: Prion Accumulation in Primary CGN/CAS Culture: Dependent on Cell Types and Strains - Dr. Sanggyun Kang
Apr 11 Guest Speaker: Sizing Up Prion Protein Oligomers using Resolution Enhanced Native Acidic Gel Electrophoresis - Dr. Carol Ladner
Apr 18 CPPFD PI talk: Cathepsin D and Neuronal Vulnerability: Implications in Neurodegenerative Disorders - Dr. Satyabrata Kar
Apr 25 Research Presentation: Using Antibodies to Characterize the Structure of PrPSc - Dr. Suey van Baarle
May 2 Research Presentation: Contributions to the Knowledge of Scrapie Pathogenesis and Transmission in Natural Infection - Dr. Maria Carmen Garza Garcia
May 9 Research Presentation: Cellular expression of APP and its processing enzymes in ANPC mouse model - Anna Sasse, Effect of cholesterol accumulation in the metabolism of Amyloid Precursor Protein in cultured N2a cells - Jiyun Chung
May 16 Faculty of Medicine Research Day
May 23 Research Presentation: Using the Standard Scrapie Cell Assay at the CPPFD - Dr. Jacques van der Merwe
Jun 6 Meeting Highlights: Prion 2013 meeting debrief 1 - Staff
Jun 13 Meeting Highlights: Prion 2013 meeting debrief 2 - Staff
Jun 20 CPPFD PI talk: Zebrafish for Neurology, a Tale of Two Models - Dr. Ted Allison
Jun 27 Research Presentation: Antiprion properties of TUDCA - Dr. Leonardo Cortez


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