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Seminar Schedule

Journal Clubs and Seminar Schedule 2011-2012

Time & Location - 11:00 am, 204-A EEB

Seminar and Journal Clubs Schedule
Sep 15 Research Presentation: And the conclusion is... - Dr. Laura Edwards-Ingram
Sep 22 Review: N-linked Glycosylation of PrP...It's not So Simple - Dr. Kerry Ko
Sep29 Research Presentation: AMP kinase modulates mitochondrial deletion mutation accumulation in aged rat muscle - Dr. Allen Herbst
Oct 6 2011/12 Message - Dr. David Westaway
Oct 13 Journal Club: Structure-based design of non-natural amino-acid inhibitors of amyloid fibril formation - Dr. Jitendra Kumar
Oct 20 Research Presentation: A Morphological And Functional Characterization Of Dendritic Spines In An Ex Vivo Model Of Prion Pathogenesis - Dr. Yokaneth Sekar
Oct 27 Research Presentation: Shadoo - more or less - Dr. Nathalie Daude
Nov 3 CPPFD PI talk: Environmental Microparticles and Prion Infection - Dr. Judd Aiken
Nov 10 Research Presentation: Modulation of cellular PrP on neuronal Kv4.2 ion channels, an electrophysiological approach - Dr. Li Ma
Nov 17 Visiting Speaker: Who we are and what we do... - Dr. David Bailey (Genome Alberta)
Nov 24 Meeting Highlights: Neuroscience 2011 - Kar's Lab members
Dec 1 Visiting Speaker: Islet Amyloid and Drug Development for Type 2 Diabetes - Dr. Paul Fraser (Univ. of Toronto)
Dec 8 Research Presentation: A parting tale of two halves, Cathepsin D mediated cell death and Abeta induced APP expression - Dr. Tim Revett
Dec 22 Off for holiday until Jan 12
Jan 12 Research Presentation: Small Molecule Libraries Designed for Multivalent Binding to PrPSc - Dr. Charlie Mays
Jan 26 Research Presentation: Apoptosis and necrosis mediate fiber loss in sarcopenia - Nashwa Cheema Studying physiological functions of Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) and Prion Protein (PrP) in zebrafish - Patricia Leighton
Feb 2 Research Presentation: Role of the insulin-like growth factor-II receptor in beta-amyloid metabolism - Yanlin Wang PrP N-terminal Mutants: Proteolysis and Infection - Agnes Lau
Feb 9 Journal Club: Trans-Synaptic Spread of Tau Pathology In Vivo - Robert Mercer
Feb 16 Research Presentation: The Standard Scrapie Cell Assay and The Use of Multiple Cell Lines - Dr. Jacques van der Merwe
Feb 23 Journal Club: Facilitated Cross-Species Transmission of Prions in Extraneural Tissue - Camilo Duque-Velasquez
Mar 1 Journal Club: Highly neurotoxic monomeric α-helical prion protein - Dr. Charlie Mays
Mar 8 CPPFD PI talk: PrPSc Conformers = Strains? - Dr. Debbie McKenzie
Mar 15 Research Presentation: CGN/CAS culture as a prion cell culture Model - Dr. SangGyun Kang
Mar 22 Visiting Speaker: MiRNA meets mRNA: Regulatory networks in prion disease pathogenesis - Dr. Stephanie Booth (PHAC, Winnipeg)
Mar 29 CPPFD PI talk: Prion Disease: Dans Un Plat - Dr. Valerie Sim
Apr 5 Research Presentation: Influence of cholesterol accumulation in cell culture and animal models overexpressing APP and its relevance to Alzheimer’s Disease - Mahua Maulik
Apr 12 Research Presentation: Prion Disease Strains: A Tale of Two Alleles... - Dr. Leonard Cortez
Apr 19 Journal Club: Prion Protein Interacts with BACE1 Protein and Differentially Regulates its Activity toward Wild Type and Swedish Mutant Amyloid Precursor Protein - Patricia Leighton
Apr 26 Research Presentation: The cellular prion protein: interaction with DPP6 - Robert Mercer; PrPCWD profiling in an oral prion infection of white-tailed deer - Camilo Duque-Velasquez
May 3 CPPFD PI talk: Zebrafish earns its stripes - Dr. Ted Allison
May 10 Cancelled for Prion 2012
May 24 Meeting Highlights: Prion 2012 - 2nd floor labs
May 28 Meeting Highlights: Prion 2012 - 1st floor labs
May 31 Visiting Speaker: What we know about the copper sites in the prion protein - Dr. Glenn Millhauser (UCSC)
Jun 7 Journal Club: The microRNA miR-34 modulates ageing and neurodegeneration in Drosophila - Nashwa Cheema
Jun 14 Visiting Speaker: ERK-dependent regulation of synaptic Aβ generation in vivo - Dr. John Cirrito (WUSTL)
Jun 21 Journal Club: Human prion protein binds Argonaute and promotes accumulation of microRNA effector complexes - Dr. SangGyun Kang
Jul 19 Meeting Highlights: PrP Canada 2012 roundup - Drs. Wille, Sim, Westaway
Jul 31 Visiting Speaker: Prions: Towards the cellular mechanisms of propagation and clearance - Dr. Hermann M. Schätzl


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