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Seminar Schedule

Journal Clubs and Seminar Schedule 2010-2011

Time & Location - 11:00 am, 204-A EEB

Seminar and Journal Clubs Schedule
Sep 2 Prion disease - an update from the UK - Dr. Simon Mead, MRC Prion Unit, Institute of Neurology, University College London
Sep 9 Introduction and presentation of the Prion Centre - Centre PI's
Sep 16 Neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration: Interlocking processes in NeuroAIDS and multiple sclerosis - Dr. Christopher Power
Sep 23 Journal Club: Gamma-secretase activating protein is a therapeutic target for Alzheimer's disease - Mahua Maulik
Sep30 Prion 2010 Austria Update - Agnes/Camilo/SangGyun/Allen/Valerie
Oct 7 Cognitive Impairment and Lewy Body Disease - Dr. Richard Camicioli
Oct 14 Journal Club: Prion Protein (PrP) Knock-Out Mice Show Altered Iron Metabolism: A Functional Role for PrP in Iron Uptake and Transport - Dr. Allen Herbst
Oct 21 A yeast model for Alzheimer's Disease - Dr. Laura Edwards-Ingram
Oct 28 Novel N-terminal mutants of PrP: Properties in healthy and prion-infected cells - Agnes Lau Characterization of CWD isolates from orally inoculated white tailed deer with different PRNP genotypes - Camilo Duque Velasquez
Nov 4 The role of exogenous Abeta in increased APP levels and endogenous Abeta toxicity - Dr. Tim Revett
Nov 18 Journal Club: Prion Strain Interactions Are Highly Selective - Dr. Charles Mays III
Nov 25 Videoconference: APRI's International Young Researcher Prize Awardee
Dec 2 SFN San Diego Update - Tim/Agnes/Mahua/David
Dec 9 Investigating dysregulated microRNAs in prion-induced neurodegeneration - Anna Majer Delivery of small molecules through the blood brain barrier using Rabies Virus Glycoprotein in a non-invasive intravenous system - Amrit Singh-Boese Prion Neurotoxicity: Proteins Guilty by Association - Mike Stobart
Dec 16 Procession towards Prion infectible Zebrafish model & Conceiving multifaceted significance of cellular Prion Protein (PrPc) - Harsha Koduri Possible role of glutamate and GABA in an APP over-expressing and NPC1 gene lacking mouse model of Alzheimer's Disease - Bibaswan Ghoshal
Jan 13 mRNA analysis techniques for neurodegenerative diseases (plus a little bit of molecular biology history) - Dr. David Westaway
Jan 20 Shadoo: Towards its physiologic and pathologic roles - Dr. Nathalie Daude
Jan 27 Interactions between APP and PrP in the developing Zebrafish - Darcy Kaiser - Robert Mercer
Feb 3 Journal Club: Formation and maintenance of Alzheimer's disease beta-amyloid plaques in the absence of microglia - Yanlin Wang
Feb 10 Structural Biology of Prion Protein using NMR Spectroscopy - Dr. Jitendra Kumar
Feb 17 Journal Club: Amyloid beta from axons and dendrites reduces local spine number and plasticity - Dr. Tim Revett
Feb 24 Journal Club: Reversing EphB2 depletion rescues cognitive functions in Alzheimer model - Dr. Laura Edwards-Ingram
Mar 3 Endoproteolysis of Shadoo and Doppel - Dr. Charlie Mays
Mar 10 A cow, a hamster and an elk walk into a microscope... - John Paul Glaves Inactivation of Scrapie 263K by ozone - Ning Ding
Mar 17 HBI/Gairdner Foundation Symposium - No Seminar
Mar 24 Update on the AD/PD Conference, Barcelona - Dr. David Westaway
Mar 31 High resolution in vivo imaging in animal models - Dr. Ian Winship
Apr 7 Knocking Down PrP Expression using RNAi - Dr. Sanggyun Kang
Apr 14 Neuronal plasticity in developing zebrafish: Mechanisms for synaptic maturation - Dr. Declan Ali
Apr 21 From Diabetes to Alzheimer's disease and back: Insights into the role of astrocytes - Dr. David Vergote
Apr 28 CWD strains? - Dr. Debbie McKenzie (Videoconference)
May 5 Neurochemistry of butyrylcholinesterase in the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease - Dr. Sultan Darvesh, Dalhousie University
May 12 Potential role of IGF-II receptor in the regulation of APP processing – Yanlin Wang Detection of PrPCWD from the feces, urine and saliva of experimentally-infected white-tailed deer – Luke Price
May 19 Prion 2011 Montreal - No seminar
May 26 Glia and Neurodegeneration - Dr. Kathryn Todd
Jun 2 Meeting update on Prion 2011 in Montreal
Jun 9 The Role of the Prion Protein in Brain Metal Homeostasis - Dr. Jake Pushie, University of Saskatchewan (videoconference)
Jun 16 Meeting update on Prion 2011 in Montreal (cont'd)
Jun 23 Regulation of NMDA receptors by cellular prion protein - implications for neurodegenerative disorders - Dr. Gerald Zamponi, University of Calgary (videoconference)
Jun 30 Influence of Cholesterol accumulation on APP metabolism and its relevance to Alzheimer's Disease - Mahua Maulik
Jul 7 Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase fibril formation and their implication in Parkinson disease - Dr. Leonardo Cortez


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