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Journal Clubs 2008-2009

Prion Disease Journal Club - 11:00 am, 204 EEB

Prion Disease Journal Clubs Schedule
Jun 11 "A systems approach to prion disease" - Dr. Allen Herbst
May 14 "Meeting update from Venice (part 2)- Ш international symposium on the new prion biology" - Dr. Judd Aiken, and Dr. Deb McKenzie
May 7 "Meeting update from Venice (part 1)- Ш international symposium on the new prion biology" - Dr. David Westaway
Apr 30 "Single treatment with RNAi against prion protein rescues early neuronal dysfunction and prolongs survival in mice with prion disease" - Dr. SangGyun Kang
Apr 23 "Characterization of DNA sequences from circulating nucleic acids in BSE-infected Elk" - Dr. Christoph Sensen
Apr 9 "Cellular prion protein mediates impairment of synaptic plasticity by amyloid-beta oligomers" - Dr. Valerie Sim
Mar 26 "In vitro strain adaptation of CWD prions by serial protein misfolding cyclic amplification" - Dr. Deb McKenzie
Feb 26 "Prions hijack tunnelling nanotubes for intercellular spread" - Erin Kreiter
Jan 29 "Regulation of NMDA receptors by cellular prion protein: Implications for neurodegeneration" - Dr. Gerald Zamponi
Dec 4 "A general model of prion strains and their pathogenicity" - Dr. Nathalie Daude
Nov 6 "Report from 2008 Prion Congress" (Part 2) - Dr. Nathalie Daude & Dr. Sacha Genovesi
Oct 30 "A Systems Biology Approach to Surrogate Biomarkers of Prion Disease" - Dr. Allen Herbst, University of Wisconsin
Oct 16 "Report from 2008 Prion Congress" (Part 1) - Dr. David Westaway

Alzheimer Disease Journal Club - 11:00 am, 204 EEB

Alzheimer Disease Journal Clubs Schedule
Jun 25 "Gliosis in AD brains:  distinguishing the two edges of the sword" - Dr. David Vergote
Mar 5 "The orphan G protein coupled receptor 3 modulates amyloid-beta peptide generation in neurons" - Dr. Satya Kar
Feb 19 "Tau deletion exacerbates the phenotype of Niemann - Pick type C mice and implicates autophagy in pathogenesis" - Mahua Maulik
Feb 5 "Microdomain switching is a bad move for APP " - Dr. Elena Posse de Chaves
Dec 18 "Prospective Alzheimer's Drug, It's all about Location, Location, Location" - Asha Amritraj
Dec 11 "The γ-Secretase complex is just that! Investigating a recombinant enzyme comples, using yeast as a host system" - Dr. Laura Edwards-Ingram
Nov 27 "The neuroprotective function of PrPc", "Role of IGF-11/M6P receptor in the regulation of brain function" - Agnes Lau & Asha Amritraj
Nov 13 "Development & characterization of a new animal model of AD", "Role of astrocytes on APP processing and their implications in Alzheimer's and Niemann pick type-C pathologies" - Mahua Maulik & Anitha Kodam
Oct 23 "Neuronal activity in Alzheimer's disease" - Dr. David Vergote
Sep 25 "BRI2 Inhibits APP processing ..." - Dr. Laura Edwards-Ingram


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