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About the Centre


With its inception catalyzed by the Canadian BSE crisis of 2003, The Centre for Prions and Protein Folding Diseases (CPPFD) is a new institute within the University of Alberta. Established in 2006, this burgeoning enterprise involves the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry, Science, and Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences . Besides a roster of affiliated scientists, the institute has intramural faculty members and a home in newly refurbished labs (located within the former Environmental Engineering Building on the main University of Alberta Campus). 7,500 square feet of the state-of-the-art lab space and associated instrumentation will be augmented by an additional 15,000 square feet in 2009. Presently, the intramural faculty comprises zebrafish biologist Dr. Ted Allison, Structure Biologist Dr. Holger Wille, CWD researchers Judd Aiken and Debbie McKenzie, Alzheimer's disease researcher Dr. Satyabrata Kar, prion biophysicist and neurologist, Dr. Valerie Sim, and the centre Director, Dr. David Westaway. 

The Alberta Prion Research Institute (APRI) is a significant stakeholder in the CPPFD, involved in both the creation and the running of the new institute.

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