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Dr. Valerie Sim | TED Talk

Jul. 2017

Watch Dr. Sim's powerful paper prion presentation.


Newly discovered infectious prion structure

Sep. 2016

Dr. Wille's recent PLoS Pathogens received extensive media coverage from EurekAlert! and The Scientist. Congratulations to the the Structural Biology team.


Renewal of Canada Research Chair

Apr. 2015

Congratulations to Dr. Westaway on the renewal of his Tier 1 Canada Research Chair for a period of seven years. The award to the University of Alberta is for $1.4M. Learn more...


Richard E. Peter Biology Conference Poster Awards

Mar. 2015

Patricia Leighton of Allison Lab won 2nd Place in PhD group and Jeffrey Narayan of McKenzie Lab tied for 1st Place in MSc group. Well done!


Department of Medicine Research Awards

Jun. 2014

Hats off to Dr. Westaway who has won the Basic Science Publication Award and also the Paul W. Armstrong Excellence in Research Award.


Prion 2014 Conference Poster Awards

Jun. 2014

Alberta PDF researchers won 2/3 Poster Awards at Prion 2014 Conference in Trieste Italy. Congratulations to Charlie Mays and Ester Vazquez-Fernandez! Also kudos to Charlie for his March Med Star Award.


Discovery could offer new way to treat prion diseases

Jan. 2014

New research from the University of Alberta has uncovered a quality control mechanism in brain cells that may help keep deadly neurological diseases in check for months or years. From UA news, Google news link, and Global TV.


First Place in the Postdoctoral Category for Poster Presentations, Research Day 2013

May. 2013

Dr. Charles Mays III from the Westaway lab won the 1st place prize in the postdoctoral Poster Presentations for the Department of Medicine Research Day 2013. His abstract title was "Preclinical Down-Regulation of PrPC Precursor Suggests a Fundamental Mechanism for the Slow Progression of Prion Infections." Charlie also received an award at the AD/PD meeting in Florence in March. Congratulations!


News on Edmonton Journal

Mar. 2013

Dr. Sim's interview with Edmonton Journal on prion diseases. And also on the U of A's ExpressNews.


Newcap News Segment on Prion Disease (Youtube)

Nov. 2012

Newcap news segment on Prion Disease. And our own Dr. Sim's section.


Accolades for Recipient of AIHS Fellowship Award

Jun. 2012

Dr. Charles Mays won the Postgraduate Fellowship Award from Alberta Innovates Health Solutions. The AIHS Training and Early Career Development Programs focus on the development of the trainee to gain broad experience within the health research environment to facilitate success in launching careers in academia, industry and government. The proposed project supervised by Dr. David Westaway is designed to further investigate the underlying mechanism for the downregulation of Shadoo during prion disease.


Oral Presentation 1st Prize on Research Day

May. 2012

Ms. Mahua Maulik won the Oral Presentation 1st Prize at the Department of Medicine Research Day. Congratulations!


Accolades for Recipient of AIHS Studentship

Feb. 2012

Mr. Yanlin Wang won the Studentship Award from Alberta Innovates Health Solutions. His study will provide an insight how regulation of endosomal-lysosomal functions by IGF-II receptor can influence Alzheimer's disease pathology


Graduate Student Best Poster Award on Research Day

May. 2011

Ms. Mahua Maulik won the Graduate Student Best Poster Award at the Department of Medicine Research Day, 2011. Mahua is a Doctoral student under supervision of Dr. Satyabrata Kar studying the influence of cholesterol accumulation on APP metabolism and its relevance to Alzheimer's Disease.


Accolades for Recipient of Alberta Innovates Studentship

Mar. 2011

Robert Mercer, M.Sc., was awarded a Full-time Studentship from Alberta Innovates - Health Solutions (formerly AHFMR) in the March 2011 award competition. Robert is a doctoral student under the supervision of Dr. David Westaway and Dr. Satyabrata Kar studying the physiological role of the prion protein. These Studentships enable academically superior students to undertake full-time research training in the basic biomedical sciences or in clinical research.

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